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Serving Athletes and Professionals across the World

Substance Abuse Prevention

“Based on his experience in working within private and state rehab facilities, Marcus has focused on the issues of abuse and addiction within athletics, also targeting the epidemic of painkiller use and other Prescription drug issues.”

Domestic Violence Education and Anger Management

“Marcus brings attention to men, women, and children about the global problems related to domestic violence and the affects that are related to each incident throughout the U.S. These services are provided to athletes, rehab centers, penal institutions, and all levels of secondary and higher education.”

Life-Skills enhancement

“Marcus wants to assist in preparing you to think as you grow, become critical with your judgments, and continue to improve your given skills that will contribute to your overall development.”

Career Development and Career Transition

“Marcus provides education and guidance on achieving worthwhile things in your personal and career life; also understanding the process of self-development. The secret to career development and career transition is focusing on what your skill area, desires, and capabilities are.”

Grief Counseling

"Marcus addresses issues of grief and trauma. A feeling of pleasure or solace can be extremely difficult to find when a person I consumed with grief."

About Marcus and the Program

Helping Athletes and Professionals Since 2005

Marcus Amos, a native of Augusta, Georgia, is the founder of Prevention Education for Athletes. He has spent over 20 years working within sports and social services, combining the aspects of both within life-skill development in athletics. His passion for ongoing Player Development has touched the lives of athletes on the amateur and professional levels. He has established strong ties within the NFL, MLB, and the NBA; collegiate and other amateur sports. Marcus Amos has also become one of the leading educators and advocates for Prescription Drug Education in Sports.

Marcus's Education

  • Ph.D Student: University of Tennessee
  • M.S.: Louisiana State University
  • M.A.: South Carolina State University
  • B.S.: Southern University
  • B.S.: Saint Augustine’s’ College

Licenses and Certifications

  • Licensed Substance Abuse Associate
  • Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor
  • Certified Life-Skills Instructor
  • Certified Domestic Violence Counselor
  • And more...
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Clients Served

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